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    • It's Cinema Quickie Two (A new ProgNeg feature), featuring Eric. Join us as we sit-in LIVE in Eric's Jeep parked outside the cinema to discuss the 2023 film, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Cinema Quickies are simply that, Eric's hot take having just walked out of the theater. Dive in and discover if he goes type O Neg or Pos!


  • This is a Non-canonical ProgNeg.


  • This rant was recorded on iPhone Pro 14 June 8th, 2023.


  • Disclaimer: They weren't actually '94 Jordans, more like 91-92 Jordans--which I did have. Original live-action Michael Bay TF movie was 2007, NOT 2006.


  • This discussion contains miscellaneous SPOILERS pertaining to the film(s) discussed and possibly Doctor Who! If you are 100% spoilerphobic to films not yet seen, do not complain to us. This episode is mostly negative (though often that is a misnomer) and contains EXPLICIT terms, concepts, and as always expect strokes of innuendo throughout.


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